Increase your sports performance in just 5 minutes a day

A simple routine that is easy to get started and keep going.
Become calmer and more focused so you can have more fun and win more.

Become calmer

Harness the power of our science-based breathing technique to detox stress and stay calm. In just five minutes, you'll master the art of keeping your nerves in check and your mind clear, no matter what the issue.

Perform better

Simplify performance and get into flow easier than ever. With one of our techniques, you'll be focused and present, which is key to performing at your best.

Have more fun

When you are less stressed and fully present, sport becomes more fun. Become the version of yourself that loves the thrill of competition. Embrace the fun and watch your performance soar.

Tools for mental strength

Discover the tools in the 5 Min Flow, created to improve your mental game. Centering Breath helps you find calm and combat stress. The Process Statement sharpens your focus and increases your success. Identity Statement puts you in an optimal performance state, while visualizations prepare you for the game and improve your confidence. All available on our platform in both written and video form so you can easily learn and absorb your mental training. 

Adapted training for each season

The 5 Min Flow program is structured to support you all year round and adapt to the nature of your competition periods. It provides guidance on how to effectively integrate mental training into your routine, ensuring that you maintain peak performance during the pre-season, competition season and sustain your mental training after the end of the season.

Platform for community and digital support

Access a supportive community and a wealth of resources via the Flow Academy app for smartphone and tablet (iOS/android). This platform is designed to accompany you on your mental training journey; ask questions about your program, watch your instructional content, and connect with other athletes for mutual development and support.


Get the answers you need before transforming your mental game

No experience is required. 5 Min Flow is designed to be user-friendly and effective for both beginners and those familiar with mental training. It is a versatile program suitable for all levels. For those under the age of 15, a parent can help explain it. 

Just five minutes a day. The program is designed to take effect in a short time, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

Yes, the program is useful for athletes at all levels, not just professionals. Whether you are a youth athlete, a hobby athlete or someone who wants to improve their mental game, 5 Min Flow can provide you with valuable tools for improvement.

5 Min Flow is distinguished by its scientific basis, ease of use and the short time commitment required. It is designed to be simple yet highly effective and offers unique tools and strategies not commonly found in other programs.

Not only can you, you should use the different tools independently. The 5-minute routine is there for you to get them as a workout. Then you should use all the parts in specific areas of your sport because they are there to help you with different parts of the performance. The only tool that is generally not used more than during the time you go through the routine is the visualizations.

Yes, the techniques in 5 Min Flow are based on proven scientific principles and research. They have proven to be effective in improving the performance of athletes.

We want you to be satisfied with the program. If you don't see the results you expected, we encourage you to contact us for support and guidance to ensure you maximize the benefits of the program.

The skills and techniques you learn in 5 Min Flow can extend beyond athletic performance and improve your stress management, focus and overall well-being.

Yes, when you join the 5 Min Flow program, you gain access to a community and support system that can provide guidance, answer questions, and help you navigate your mental fitness journey.

The program is designed to have an immediate impact when you start using the tools. But of course, this depends on several factors such as whether you understand what to do and where you are mentally at the moment. So while individual results may vary, many athletes begin to notice improvements in their mental focus, calmness and performance within a few weeks of consistent practice with the program.

The 5min Flow

Your new mental fitness routine
  • Pdf with step by step instructions how to create your own 5 min Flow.
  • Only 5 minutes/day.
  • 4 of the most effective, science backed tools available today.
  • Practical tools that can be used before, during, and after competitions and practices.
  • BONUS: Boost Your Mental Game with Foods pdf. A guide on foods that will enhance your mental and physical performance.
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The logbook to help you build mental strength

...and so much more!