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Tired of not living up to your potential?

You have learned that success lies in your performance and results. Success means what job you have, what you look like and what lifestyle you have. You will only be able to be happy when you have reached your goals and therefore you must constantly strive forward. So you spend your life with the conviction that "when you reach x" or "when you received y", then you can finally relax and be happy.

But if we are honest.. How many voices (even coaches and trainers) are there selling you on the idea that you should use their tool, method or buy their program or book to then you will succeed and get everything you want.

You will not.

Then when you struggle, they tell you to train harder, more, better. If you don't succeed, you don't want it badly enough. Just do it. 

But it hasn't worked before and it won't work now.

Although I've built a reputation as an expert in creating flow and getting people to reach their potential, the truth is that what I teach goes far deeper than the sport, the career, the tool and the method. Those who work with me quickly realize that my real focus is (and always has been) on shifting your mindset, changing the way you look at things and thus start living in flow. From that place, there is nothing that can stop you.

Performing at your best

Struggling to maintain peak performance? Learn how to perform at your best, whatever the pressure or challenges you face. Our method improves your mental strength, sharpens your focus and optimizes your ability to perform under stress. Achieve not just occasional peak performance, but a steady stream of success that becomes your new standard.

Rediscover the joy

Has the pressure to perform dulled your joy? It's time to reignite your passion. Find your way back to the thrill of competition and the fulfillment of chasing your goals. You'll learn to find meaning in your efforts and approach each challenge with a refreshing perspective. Embrace a journey where success feels as good as it looks and find lasting satisfaction in every step forward.

Break your barriers

Are there obstacles in your way that limit your potential? Learn to identify, confront and overcome anything that holds you back. We go deep into the mental blocks, fears and external challenges that interfere with your progress and so you can navigate setbacks with resilience and turn them into opportunities for development. 

Success stories

What is The Flow Mindset method?

Simply put, The Flow Mindset method is a way to maximize your happiness, development and probability of success.

It's about minimizing your inner resistance so you can handle external challenges better, become more present and get into flow often and easily.

Most of us have been programmed since early childhood that results and outcomes are the most important thing there is. Doing well, saying the right things and avoiding looking bad. Which leads to increased pressure and agonizing over how things should go, risk avoidance and an endless search for control that only leaves us more stressed and anxious.

The interesting thing is that this way of approaching life is not natural to humans. If we were to learn to walk as children in the same way we approach challenges as we grow older, most of us would still be crawling.

The Flow Mindset is designed around how humans actually work. This is much more than just a bunch of tools, it's a method that fundamentally changes the way you look at life - so that your best and most genuine version of yourself can take up more space in your life, both in sport and outside. 

The Flow-Mindset method is based on 5 powerful pillars


You can have the best practices in the world, but that means nothing if you don't have the mental strength to use them. Our entire physiology is designed to give us the best conditions for success. When you know how your brain, body and drives work, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. Suddenly, you go from frantically trying to make things happen... To making things happen by themselves.


Your mindset is a part of you and how you look at everything from challenges to setbacks and life in general. The Flow Mindset is a actionable philosophy of life that teaches you how to face life in a way that radically increases your ability to create success, whether on the sports field, in relationships, work and everything else.


In an attempt to make things easier, traditional methods often focus on documents and results. This has led to an over-reliance on tools and exercises, which at the same time makes life more complicated than it needs to be. We must not forget that who you choose to be while you are doing something is at least as important. So being and doing need to exist together. Remember that you are a human being, not a human doing.


Created with people in mind who are short on time or sometimes struggle to get their routines right. Our approach is to keep things simple, efficient and as fun as possible, because then it gets done. Therefore, we never invest in long boring exercises and routines that are postponed until "tomorrow". This means that we only run a few daily routines and then a single basic exercise that is used when that inner critical voice starts to rage. In this way, the mental training becomes part of everyday life.


Everything you feel in a situation is a reflection of how you see it. Yet most people continue to apply the "alvedon" method by convincing you that it is your nervousness, anxiety, worry or other that is your problem. The Flow Mindset is based on the idea that lasting change can only come when we work on the underlying problems. Therefore, we go deep into the core and work on your beliefs, automatic thought patterns and fundamentally change your perspective. So you can finally get off the eternal hamster wheel. 

Start learning today with one of our courses

Flow Fundamentals

Free resources

While it's important to stick consistently to The Flow Mindset, even small changes can start to make a difference to your experience, performance and presence. Just a few minutes of practice every day can really make you feel even more enthusiastic about the possibilities that mental training offers.

Still hesitating? Take our FREE course to learn the basics of The Flow Mindset method while becoming part of our amazing Flow Mindset Community where you can ask questions and connect with like-minded people!

The 5 minute Flow

maximize your performance with our Mini Course

The 5 minute Flow is a short 5 minute routine with some of the world's most effective tools in mental training. All the tools are there to make the maximum impact in the shortest time possible.

In this course, Tommy teaches you the power of presence, focus and joy to help you get into flow easier and more often than before. The 5 minute Flow sets you on a course towards higher performance, presence and joy.

In addition to our videos, you also get access to our amazing Flow Mindset Community where you can ask questions and connect with like-minded people!

Flow Academy

Start your flow mindset journey

This complete 10-module program is more than just an online course. It teaches you everything you need to know about The Flow Mindset in a fun and easy way while you test and try your way through action.

Join our live workshops, try our challenges, level up your rank as you increase your knowledge in The Flow Mindset, and get real rewards such as individual coaching calls, exclusive discounts and much more!

Mattias Falck

Professional table tennis player

"With Tommy's help I have finished the season with the best quota in the whole Bundesliga, won my first international WTT competition and also the European Championship gold in doubles and as a team. My gut told me to choose him - it was definitely the right decision. Tommy, you are really awesome!

Rebecca Mauleon

Elite dressage rider

"Tommy helped me achieve results and break a record that only a few people in Sweden have historically achieved! I am more and more amazed at what you can do with mental training!"

Christos Gravius

Professional football player

"There is a simple reason why I have been working with Tommy for almost 6 years. He makes me better, smarter and helps me enjoy competing. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for him."

Anton Gole

Professional MotoCross rider

"Hiring Tommy was one of the best decisions of my career so far. He has helped me see things completely differently, taken the pressure off myself and made me have fun while racing. I can really recommend him!"
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