For the athlete who wants to see a rapid improvement in their performance

And have more fun in the meantime

Are you an athlete who wants to be able to get more out of your performance, experience greater joy and at the same time increase your rate of development - without having to spend even more time on the pitch or in the gym. If you read on and act on this, you will be able to do just that. 

In the Flow Academy we have focused on the fact that everything you learn, discover and develop, happens through action. Quite simply, a practical program that ensures that change happens as quickly as possible. Built on the same principles I use when working with the world's top athletes.

Does this sound like you?

some of the things that athletes come for help with

You perform better in training than in competition

One of the most common things that athletes struggle with is the inability to perform at the same level during competition as you do during training, or just doing it for fun.

You would be so much better if you...

not getting so nervous, losing my temper, getting frustrated, insecure, stopping overthinking, being afraid of what others will think, etc.

You feel that your development has stalled

You are not developing as before, at the pace you are used to or as much as you would like. Maybe you even feel stuck?

Don't get carried away in competition

Too much focus on the results and how your performance will be, causing you to overthink and even overanalyze every single thing you do.

You are too hard on yourself

Mistakes, expectations, poor performance and losses leave you very disappointed, unmotivated and perhaps even depressed.

You want to find out how far you can get

But you don't know how to get there on your own, and you want someone to help you make your trip more fun and faster.

Simple, practical and proven strategies

After the course you will discover

How to perform at your best

and have more fun in the process. With higher minimum and maximum levels, and more consistent performance in competitions.

How to build self-esteem

Self-esteem is the foundation of a confident individual, but also necessary to perform at your best. With strong self-esteem, you can take risks in order to succeed, but you can also remain stable in both ups and downs.

The world's most effective exercises

That prepares you in the best possible way so you are ready to perform.

an incredibly easy way to train mentally

That take no more than five minutes at a time to complete. So no boring routines that you get tired of after a week.

how to change your thoughts and behaviors

With an effective system and an understanding of how the brain works, you can achieve changes that were not previously possible.

how to change your inner speech

But also how to deal with your inner critic so you can have more fun, be happier and more positive.

become aware of your beliefs

Which are preventing you from reaching all your goals, and what you need to do instead.

how to plan your goals and how to get there

Learn the method that will help you create an inspiring long-term vision and a joyful strategy for getting there, and then see how each season brings you one step closer to your dreams.

This is what you get in

Flow academy

A clear and simple system. Without bullshit, fluff or theories that don't work in reality. Flow Academy is created to be as simple as possible to understand, implement and get quick results from.  

The Flow Academy is specifically aimed at the athlete who wants to start mental training and is based on Tommy's method. The Flow Mindsetwhich he uses when coaching elite athletes.

A simple system for mental training

It is NOT about having 58 different exercises and steps that require all your energy to work.

reasonably long videos

So we can keep you focused and motivated.

Private group

Where you can ask questions about the material, your process and situations you face.

tools for most situations

Too much focus on the results and how your performance will be, causing you to overthink and even overanalyze every single thing you do.

ready-made exercise routines

Which you can do anywhere and anytime. The best part is that you never do more than five minutes at a time.

App that gives you access wherever you are

Take the Flow Academy with you wherever you go.

What do those who have taken the course say?

Flow academy

Hi. My name is Tommy

My life has more or less always been about how to tap into potential, fulfill big goals, dreams and, above all, be happy and joyful along the way.

That passion came to life in my mid-teens, and at the age of 19 I got my first job - working with personal development for individuals and groups. I'm probably one of the few who got into the coaching business very early in life, and helping people grow is something I've done throughout my working life. Looking back almost 20 years later, many cool things have happened.

As a coach, I have undergone some of the best training programs in the world, including the certifications that come with them (CPCC, CTPC & PCC). But also 3 years of studies in sports science at Malmö University.

I have developed a mental training method and framework used by world champions, European champions, record holders and many other athletes. I have also coached millionaires, entrepreneurs and leaders in many different business fields.

I have been hired by both global and national organizations in industries such as finance, non-profit, television, mobile games, computer games, sports, music and many more.

A lot of the success I've helped others create is because I don't do things the same way as everyone else. I believe that if we do exactly what everyone else does, we get the same boring results. I've found that when things are done differently - not only can it lead to bigger and better results, it also leads to changes that are sustainable.

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What's waiting for you inside

Flow academy

The structure and modules in Flow Mastery are designed to give you concrete change in as short a time as possible in your sport. We have stripped away as much as possible around the edges, making it as easy as possible for you to get started and stay started.

Through the modules you will be guided through everything you need to start applying the Flow Mindset in your sport to maximize your performance, development and reach your goals. You have access to everything online, whether you are at home, away or on the go. You have lifetime access to all materials, so you can choose to go through the program as quickly as possible, or at your own pace. So you do what suits you best.

You will also be able to connect with other driven athletes around the world who have come differently in their sport and Flow Mindset process. Ask questions, get feedback and inspiration in the private group on the same platform as the course. Also download the Flow Academy app available for both iOS/android. 

"After only a few months with Tommy's methods, I have gone from an average of 0.6 to 2 points per game. I got a permanent spot on the J18 team and have also been called to the national team selection. Now I take care of myself on the ice, my nervousness has decreased greatly, I am calm, dare to take risks and have regained the joy of the game!"

Linus Brodin Scrap metal

Elite hockey player

Module 1

Introduction to Mental Training

Before you start the Flow Academy modules, we will prepare you on how to do and think to get the most out of the program. Your perspective or approach is the foundation for your success in the Flow Academy. During the introduction I will show you:

  • How to use the platform to get the most out of the Flow Academy.
  • My background, story and how The Flow Mindset changed my life.
  • Introduction to what The Flow Mindset is.
  • Basic goal setting process.
  • A basic exercise where we start to strengthen your self-esteem and thought patterns to lay the foundation for you to become unstoppable in your sport and in life.

Module 2

The brain & change

One of the most important things you need to know is how change actually happens. If you want to have the stamina to continue exercising when things get tough, you need to know why you should do the things you learn.

You need to understand what happens in the brain and in the body when you perform the different steps in The Flow Mindset and therefore we do this early in the Flow Academy.

In Module 2, we go through:

  • The role of the brain in change.
  • The framework on which The Flow Mindset is based.
  • The 3 basic muscles of mental training.
  • The critic - your primary saboteur.

After this module you have/can:

How the brain works

You will learn how the brain works and what it takes to change your thought and behavior patterns from something that has to be done consciously, all the way to automation.

Our framework

The Flow Mindset is simple and here you will learn the 3 steps that everything we do in the program is based on, as well as the 3 basic muscles in the brain that we want to train.

your primary saboteur

You will be introduced to your primary saboteur - the Critic. You will understand what drives it and how we work to reduce its influence on you.

Module 3

The 5 min flow (part 1)

This module is about giving you the best conditions to perform at your best day after day.

If you struggle to perform when it matters, this is an important module for you. We have worked with all kinds of sports where athletes say that they perform very differently in competition and training. That they have high high levels and low low levels.

Those who learn to apply what we cover in this module not only see their performance become more consistent, but also increase significantly!

In this module I will show you:

  • How to use your breathing to achieve greater levels of calm.
  • Why the vast majority of people make performance too difficult and complicated, and what you should do instead.
  • Deep dive into the Process Statement - your best friend when you need to perform.

After this module you have/can:

Centering breath

Become a master at increasing probability so you can achieve real results every time you play your sport.

Process Statement

Learn what to focus on and how to keep your focus on the right things to get into flow and perform.

Maximise your performance

Become aware of distractions and what to do to keep them to a minimum.

Module 4

The 5 min flow (part 2)

This is a continuation of module 3 where we continue to work on the tools that 5 min flow consists of. This module is about learning 2 more incredibly important things that will make a difference to your performance. 

Where the previous module focused on what you need to do to perform, this module will focus on who you need to be to perform at your best.

You will also learn how to visualize in a concrete way that is guaranteed to change the way you look at visualizations for the better! 

  • You will learn a tool that is necessary to be in your optimal state during competition.
  • How to visualize in a concrete way that increases your performance and development. 
  • Focus exercises to help you strengthen your mental strength and ability to control your focus.

After this module you will achieve:

Identity Statement

The first step to change is to create awareness of what is stopping you. Then you can do something about it.


Understand the root cause of your resistance and how a change in perspective can reduce, and sometimes even remove, the resistance.

Focus exercises

Learn the true meaning of self-esteem and how to build it step by step.

Module 5


A big difference between athletes who move forward and those who don't is often that they have neither clear goals nor an inspiring and joyful path to get there. 

The first thing to do is to clarify what you want and also how to get there. This will be your "map" that you come back to when you need to see the big picture, get clarity and find motivation.

In this module I will show you: 

  • How motivation actually works and how you can generate more motivation for yourself.
  • Why most people set their goals all wrong, leading to reduced enjoyment, motivation and ultimately - failure.
  • How to clarify your long-term goals, what results you want to achieve next season and how to maximize the likelihood of achieving them. 
  • The role that your self-esteem, happiness and development play in enabling you to perform at your best.

After this module you have/can:

A clear plan

Create a clear plan that you can work on season after season that will help you stay focused and celebrate your successes.

Increase Happiness & Development

Use my formula to keep the balance between performance, learning and joy so you don't lose yourself along the way.

understanding motivation

How motivation works and how to protect yourself from losing motivation and feeling lost in your journey forward.

Module 6


This is a module where you start the path to a different perspective on events and situations. You will learn about the hindering beliefs and the strategies used to try to fulfill them. You will also be introduced to the first level of The Flow Mindset so we can start working towards your real transformation.

  • We highlight the 4 false strategies you use to create success. 
  • What it takes to break free from the mindset that is holding you back.
  • You will learn about the 4 hindering beliefs that are linked to your strategies.
  • We also go through the first level of the Flow Mindset method.

After this module you have/can:

Barrier beliefs

Knowledge of your hindering beliefs and why they are not effective in achieving the things you want in the short and long term.

Change your mindset

You will know why it is not possible to achieve true success with the same beliefs you have now, and how to start the change.

Understanding the Flow mindset

Start seeing how The Flow Mindset works in its entirety and begin the journey that will eventually lead you from a Resistance Mindset to a Flow Mindset.

Module 7

The saboteurs

Here we take a deeper look at saboteurs. We cover their origins and how they work so you can understand how to weaken them. You'll also get an overview of the most common accomplice saboteurs, what drives them and how to counteract their influence on you. We also go over how to start learning to meet the saboteurs with flow, rather than resistance.

  • We take a deeper look at your primary saboteur. 
  • How to work to weaken your saboteurs based on The Flow Mindset.
  • Review of the most common saboteurs in addition to the Critic.

After this module you have/can:

Background of the saboteurs

Learn more about where saboteurs come from and how they work in order to have a better understanding of their function.

Resistance to flow

How to create an approach with your saboteurs that does not create more resistance, but helps you accept and face them with flow.

Accomplice saboteurs

You will get an overview of the most common accomplice saboteurs we face. While learning about their motivations and what to do instead.

Module 8

Your Inner Leader

This is a module that introduces the next level of the Flow Mindset model. Learning to tap into your inner leader to counteract the saboteurs, while becoming calmer and more of the person you want to be. Your inner leader is the inner voice that you often hear in the background, but is quickly drowned out by your saboteurs, doubts and fears. Your inner leader plays an important role in all the challenges you face. We will go through:

  • Your inner leader, what it is, how it works and why it is so important.
  • How your inner leader works from a neurological perspective.
  • How your inner leader can help you create greater focus and presence. 
  • Different ways and exercises that you can use to activate the parts of the brain that strengthen the brain.
  • How to use your inner leader to boost your learning and development.

After this module you have/can:

Inner leader

You will learn about your inner leader, the counterpart of your saboteurs and how it fits into The Flow Mindset and its role in creating your new mindset.

5 characteristics

In your inner conductor which has been shown to stimulate the production of dopamine. The second level of the Flow Mindset model and how to use it.

three gifts

A great exercise to help you deal with situations and events more quickly and constructively by tapping into the power of your inner leader.

Module 9

The flow mindset model

This module is different from the others in that it is more about the big picture rather than the details. Here we talk about how to use what you have learned as a whole to see and understand the bigger picture, but also what makes The Flow Mindset different from everything else. 

We will go through:

  • Overview of the Flow Mindset model and how it all fits together.
  • Review of how to work The Flow Mindset from start to finish. 
  • How to use The Flow Mindset in practice. 

After this module you have/can:

The only method you need

Learn the only method you need that you can use no matter what challenges you face.

The Flow Mindset

Get a full picture of The Flow Mindset and how it all fits together so you can use it to create incredible results in all areas of your life.

TFM in practice

How The Flow Mindset works in practice so you can use it in all parts, situations and challenges you face in life.

Module 10


This is a module that adds a little extra to your mindset. Getting in touch with your values in good times and bad can make a big difference to your experience. Imagine if you have the ability to learn, have fun and enjoy being challenged, what would be possible for you? We will go through:

  • How to identify your core values and what they mean to you.
  • What a value is and how we define them.
  • How you can use your values in everyday life, to drive forward and in your goal-setting process.

After this module you have:

Basic check

You understand what a value is and how we define values. You also know why they are important in life/sport.

Your values

You have had to reflect and go deeper within yourself to make your most important values visible, and define how much presence they have in your life today.

values in practice

You know how to use your values to your advantage in different areas of life. Such as goal setting, motivation and maximizing your development.

In case I missed something

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive. If you have a question that we have missed, please feel free to contact us - either by email or through the chat in the corner. 

Flow Academy is designed to be easy to understand and should not be a problem for young people from 13 years and up. That said, Flow Academy can be something that a parent can also help with in the case of a very young athlete.

We recommend that you start mental training as soon as possible. Whether you are in the middle of the season or just finished a season, you want to get as much benefit as possible. If you're not competing right now, this is a great opportunity to get a head start on next season.

Absolutely. Although many people who start mental training do so because they feel they have challenges that they can't solve themselves, mental training is just as important as regular training. So it's as much about honing your performance as it is about managing your challenges.

As long as your chosen membership is valid.

As much as you want. You learn at your own pace. However, we recommend that you repeat the course from time to time to refresh your knowledge.

You can ask as many questions as you like about the material and situations you face in the private group of the Flow Academy.

If for any reason you are not satisfied or think Flow Academy was not good, you will get 100% of your money back. We also throw in an extra $100 and offer you a falafel roll. This is what we call our falafel insurance.

Tommy only works individually with a handful of athletes per year. The majority of these are established athletes at professional level. 

If you are interested in further support, you can work individually with one of Tommy's coaches, or apply to join the Flow Mastery program.

You can pay by card via Stripe or Klarna.

"WOW! This has changed my life. Having gone from a person with generally low self-esteem and a lot of anxiety, to a confident guy who knows he can do anything. To simply summarize, this has been the best thing I have done in my life so far and can STRONGLY recommend going to him."

Isak Andersson

Elite Basketball Player

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