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There can be a million different reasons why a management team, a work team or an entire company may need coaching. For example, you may be facing an organizational change and you need to motivate and prepare the team for the shift that will take place. It may also be that there are prevailing attitude problems or conflicts in the group that do not seem to be resolved on their own. But, of course, it can also be about having high goals as a team that you want to achieve and need coaching to understand your own potential as a group and actually start working towards those high goals.

Whatever the need behind the decision to investigate team coaching, it is good to know that Tommy is a certified team performance coach and uses Team Coaching International's (TCI) methods. TCI's method is based on systems coaching and research on what makes teams successful. There is also a proven ROI for the teams that choose to use team coaching. This is evaluated with the help of the Team Diagnostic Assessment tools and is carried out before starting work, as well as in connection with completed work. When working with the team, we look at two dimensions that have proven to be the most important - Productivity and Positivity. After completing the process, it has been shown that the teams make an improvement in productivity and positivity on the entire 30%!

So let me ask you - can you afford to lose so much?

What is team coaching?

Coaching as a team is both exciting and challenging. We should not hide the fact that work teams can be an extra tough nut to crack as the individuals in the group are often there for different reasons and therefore motivated in completely different ways. Tommy and his companions therefore work to piece together the group from the individual level in order to achieve the best possible results.

Team coaching is not group coaching

When you and your team choose to work with Tommy, your team coaching will be based on a method called TDA (Team Diagnostics Assessment). It is a tool used to measure and analyze the team's view of themselves. It includes everything that the team thinks defines them to everything that doesn't and the range in between. It is a systematic approach that focuses on the team's strengths and their development.

The method used is also based on Lencioni's five dysfunctions of a team. This means that in the course of the work, your team will create conditions that lead to everyone in the team: creating shared results, holding each other accountable, engaging in decisions and action plans, having open and fearless debates, and above all trusting each other.

This is sometimes easier said than done. It is important as a group to understand what will be required when you decide that you want to use team coaching. Everyone will need to be involved, everyone will need to make time and everyone will need to be committed. What you get from Tommy and his colleagues if they come and coach your team are the tools you need to reach new heights and push your boundaries. What he demands in return is willingness and commitment.

What can you gain from team coaching?

In addition to being a Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and PCC-Coach, Tommy also has a specific certification in team coaching called CTPC (Certified Team Performance Coach). This means that he is certified through Team Coaching International. This in turn means that you are guaranteed a coach who has experience and access to established and proven methods for mental training and team coaching.

By using team coaching, you get the chance to reach your group goals as quickly as possible. You also get the chance to develop as a team for future challenges and future work. The coaching includes guidance in efficiency, cooperation, communication and personal development. It will involve a deep dive into the way you work today and in some cases it can mean a total change.

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