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Christopher Solberg

World-ranked tennis player

"Well, I could write a book about how much better it has become!"

Johanna Lind

Gold medalist ESKA Karate 2016

"Tommy's mental training took me to European Championship gold in Karate. I have never been so sharp and made my body do what I want and it has never felt as good as it does now!"

Rebecca Mauleon

Elite dressage rider

"Tommy helped me achieve results and break a record that only a few people in Sweden have achieved! I am more and more amazed at what you can do with mental training!"

Christos Gravius

Midfielder in Degerfors IF, Allsvenskan.

"I have never felt so mentally strong as I do right now. I have learned so much in this time!"

Jacob Sjösten

Key Account Manager

"How does he do it? I do not know. I just know he's brilliant. Tommy has unlocked my mind, my soul and made me see things I didn't even know I had inside me. I am speechless and at the same time filled with energy and joy."

Joel Thulin

Center/Forward in Segeltorps IF, Hockeyettan

"Tommy has been my secret weapon for more than a year now. Not only are his methods truly top-notch, but he is also very committed and genuine. Every conversation we have is filled with curiosity and insight, and I can safely say that without Tommy I would not be where I am today.

I used to take hockey so seriously that I didn't realize how my focus on results actually prevented me from performing. With Tommy's help, I have found my way back to joy and playfulness. We've built a strong mental foundation that I have tremendous confidence in, even when it's stormy. This has made me feel much more confident in myself both as a person and as Joel the hockey player."

Johanna Frost

PT & Physiotherapist

"Better self-confidence, better attitude towards training and competing in my sport and business coaching - have been helped a lot by Tommy and I always look forward to our conversations! Very little clichés, more common sense (which I greatly appreciate). Would recommend him to anyone who needed help."

Beatrice Persson

Striker in FC Rosengård, Damallsvenskan

"Before this I had only scored like one goal in the whole season in my youth team. Now I've scored 14 goals in 3 games and before that even more goals."

Oscar Hed

Forward in Malmö Redhawks J18

"One of my best decisions in life was to start going to you Tommy! I developed in myself, in sports but also privately, now I am also in first place in the points league in my series!"

Jennifer Ahlstedt


"This has given me insight into how to deal with my inner negative voice, even when I'm just being ironic to myself. I have also started to like myself for who I am and my body complexes are almost gone. I love myself for who I am. I have also become more confident in myself and feel that I am the best version of myself that I can be right now!"

Isak Andersson

Youth basketball players in Lobas

WOW! Taking mental training with Tommy has changed my life. Having gone from a person with generally low self-esteem and a lot of anxiety, to a confident guy who knows he can do anything. Who no longer wonders if it was good enough, but is happy with his performance. I as a person have changed for the better, and this only in 6 conversations with Tommy. To simply summarize, this has been the best thing I have done in my life so far and can STRONGLY recommend going to him.

Erik Sjöö


"It's professional level on this. Every single thing you say makes so much sense. As soon as you open your mouth, it's an AHA experience."

Nabbe Malki

Professional MMA Fighter

"Tommy is by far the best mental coach I have ever worked with!"

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Increase your mental strength with this simple 3-minute exercise.

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