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Creator of The Flow Mindset, mental coach to many of the world's top athletes with a track record of World Cup gold, European Championship gold and historical records. Zero clichés, fluff and bullshit. 

100% Science, reality and common sense.

"You gave so much more in one hour than all the hundreds of hours I spent listening to other speakers." - Linda, event participant

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20 years of experience with real people & real challenges

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Tommy does not come from a background of hitting the wall, only to realize that he should work as a coach. Nor has he worked in finance, sales or anything else, got bored and then decided to start working with people. No, what Tommy is today, and where he has come from, is the result of a singular focus and an unquenchable hunger to find out how to unlock and access the best in every person. A journey that began at the age of 19 and before the age of 40 has seen him work with some of the biggest names in sport and business.

With a passion that few possess and nearly two decades of experience helping others create incredible results and change, Tommy talks about his unique approach to success The Flow Mindset and how to build successful teams. 

Whether it's talking mental training to the kids in the sports club, how to build successful teams at the big conference, or leadership with managers and project managers at Amazon, Tommy is the guy you need.

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mental training & mindset

How winning teams are created

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