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Mental strength: Your invisible muscle

In the world of sport, where every second and every movement counts, it's easy to forget the invisible player in the equation: your mind. Mental training & coaching is here to change the rules of the game for you as an athlete. Is pressure and stress your constant shadow? Do you struggle to keep a cool head when everything is at stake? You are not alone. Many athletes face these mental barriers, but it's those who tackle them who are on the podium at the end.

Imagine a moment of failure, that shot that didn't hit the target or the ball that slipped out of your hands just when it mattered most. These moments can be devastating. But here's the thing - they are also your goldmine. Every failure, every moment of doubt is a chance to build a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

Traditional training sculpts your body and hones your technique, but mental training is what fills your sails with wind. Without it, you are not fully equipped to navigate the stormy waters of competition. It's time to look beyond the physical. Your mental strength is your invisible muscle, and just like your physical muscles, it needs regular exercise to grow.

Our mental performance training programs for athletes are designed to help you to:

  • Staying focused under pressure and at crucial moments.
  • Managing stress and pressure in a constructive way.
  • Building self-confidence that stands firm even when the odds are against you.
  • Learning from failure and turn them into stepping stones to success.

With the right mental training, you can unlock a level of performance you previously only dreamed of. Welcome to a world where your mind is as fit as your body - welcome to mental strength training for athletes.

The Flow Mindset: A Unique Approach

This is where our mental training comes in. Specially designed for athletes like you, our method helps you build the mental strength and mindset you need to become mentally unstoppable - both on and off the field. Using the latest in neuroscience, performance psychology, coaching, philosophy and physiology, you will learn in a concrete and simple way (without boring exercises that don't work in practice) to channel your potential so you can both regularly perform at your top level and have more fun than ever before. 

Our holistic focus also ensures that your mental training can be adapted to your specific sport while creating positive changes in all other areas of your life.

Programs for athletes

To meet you right where you are in your sports career.

Flow Academy

Mainly for athletes looking for an easy way to get started with world-class mental training. This can be combined with individual sessions with one of Tommy's Flow Mindset Coaches.

Flow Mastery

The world's first fully comprehensive mindset program for athletes who are pursuing or have already achieved a professional career and want the best support available. This 12-month program is conducted both individually and in groups. Age from 18 years and older.

Flow Partnership

This is a program for those who are professional athletes and want unlimited support and conversations for 12 months working one-on-one with Tommy. This program is completely tailored and exclusive to a handful of athletes per year.

What is The Flow Mindset?

The Flow Mindset was created out of Tommy's frustration of trying and using different methods to maximize his potential and success in all areas of life for 15 years. It was always the same, he found something that seemed to be good and it worked at first. But two weeks later it was forgotten and had lost its effect. He continued to do this, hoping to find that magic formula that would solve all his problems, until around the age of 30 when, after a life crisis, he began to question everything.

Hopelessly tired and resigned to continuing on the same path that was clearly not working, he thought to himself that there must be a better way. A way that actually works, that is neither fuzzy nor feels like an unattainable fantasy...

He started thinking back to his Sports Science education, more specifically everything he learned about the body, training and nutrition. There must be an easier way to create change in individuals, a way that can work for everyone and not just those who are already mentally strong. A way that works in much the same way we train a muscle at the gym.

That's when Tommy started looking into neuroscience and found the answers to so many questions that made everything crystal clear. He tested his theories on himself first and noticed how quickly he was able to boost his self-esteem, become more present, happy and above all perform better and more regularly than ever before.

Over time, Tommy saw more and more how he could combine neuroscience with other areas such as philosophy, performance psychology and the skills and experience he has gained from holding three of the world's top coaching certifications.

This eventually became The Flow Mindset - one of the most powerful methods in mental training today, responsible for numerous gold medals at World Cup, European Championship and national level. Achievements that have led to professional contracts, higher salary contracts and hundreds of personal records in every sport you can imagine.

The method's ability to get everyone who follows it to create amazing changes and results in the short and long term has made Tommy one of the extremely few (maybe even the only) mental coaches who gives the 100% guarantee of results.


"Tommy combines professional skill with a warm and friendly presence, which makes him unique as a mental coach. His understanding and flexibility have been crucial in my development. Thanks to him, I have overcome my nervousness and gained deeper insight into the mental game. We are in our second year together and since we started, I have finished the season with the best quota in the entire Bundesliga, won my first international WTT competition and also European Championship gold in doubles and as a team. My gut told me to choose him - it was definitely the right decision. Tommy, you are really awesome!"

Mattias Falck

Professional table tennis player

If you are an athlete

Anyone of any age and level who wants to

perform regularly at your highest level.

Have more fun and enjoy competing.

Feel completely free when competing.

Take the next step in your sports career/increase your income from sport.

Be able to handle any adversity in your sport.

be recognized in your sport and do something that lives on after you leave.

"I feel crazy great success in my game and confidence. I am so grateful for the help I have received, I really mean that. It's crazy how consistent I've become! Hockey is a lot more fun now."

Noah Steen

Forward in Mora IK, Hockeyallsvenskan

The method behind the magic

Neurology & Physiology

The Flow Mindset method is based on the science of how your brain and body actually work. By applying its principles, you will be able to achieve changes you never thought possible.

Quick & Easy

Made for people who are short on time or sometimes struggle to get into their routines. It's so quick and easy that anyone can do it. Okay, maybe not anyone. But almost everyone! Anyway, we've made it as simple as possible. Now it's up to you.

Focus on the whole person

There is too much focus on doing and too little on being in the world. Who you are while doing something is just as important as what you do. And to be honest - the problem is rarely that you don't know what to do - the problem is that your thoughts and feelings get in the way. As one smart person said - You are a human being, not a human doing.

Underlying causes

The most common way to try to fix your problems is by addressing the symptoms. This will lead to short-term solutions


We don't believe what many people say about having to "work hard and be disciplined" to succeed. Instead, we believe that when work feels like play - you are doing something right. Simply put, when you have fun, learning and development takes place. Which in turn leads to you getting better. So let's focus on the fun? Enough said.

"There is a simple reason why I have continued to work with Tommy for almost 5 years. He makes me better, smarter and helps me enjoy competing. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for him."

Christos Gravius

Midfielder in Degerfors IF, Allsvenskan

Take yourself to the next level

Previous clients share their experience

What is mental training?

Mental training and mental coaching is a term used to describe consultants who work on developing the mental and psychological elements of achieving performance and peak performance. This can be on the football field, on the stage, in the classroom, in the workplace, etc. Achieving peak performance can be complex and requires the individual to combine a unique combination of physical, technical, tactical and psychological skills and it is not uncommon for athletes to use a mental coach to create a routine for their mental training. A mental coach is an expert in the psychology of performance and understands how an individual's beliefs, perceptions, internal images/dialogue and emotions affect performance.

A mental coach uses this knowledge to help their clients develop their ability to be focused, determined, confident and motivated in all moments that require it. Training these psychological skills requires a systematic mental training program designed to build an individual's ability to achieve their goals, even in the face of difficulties and unforeseen setbacks.

Mental training is thus about identifying the factors that hinder performance while improving the individual's attitudes and mental skills so that a more healthy and positive philosophy can be adopted. However, it is important to understand that this not only requires a good mental coach, but also that one continuously trains to improve one's mental skills, both on and off the field. Factors that often prevent individuals from performing are high expectations, perfectionism, fear of failure, lack of control over emotions, and difficulty concentrating/focusing. These are all things that a mental coach can help with.

Mental training is not just for athletes

You are here because you want something more. You want the breakthrough you couldn't get on your own. You want to grow, learn and transform into the person you would be if your inner saboteurs weren't holding you back. What would be possible if you dared more? If you didn't care so much about what you think others think? Or if you stopped identifying with your performance?

Before you decide whether to hire Tommy as a mental coach, you will have a 30-minute conversation together that is completely free and unconditional. During the call, you can tell us what your goals with the coaching are while Tommy tells you more about the process, how many calls you may need to start with all the other information you need before you start. Click the button below and book your call now!

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Increase your mental strength, self-esteem and motivation with this simple 3-minute exercise.

Our approach to performance

Many athletes today have tunnel vision when it comes to their performance. There is a fairly widespread view that it is all about physical training. To some extent this is true. But in order to really develop as an athlete and push your limits, mental training is also required.

Tommy's background as a mental coach comes from his time as a tennis player and later as an elite basketball player and coach. As an active athlete, he struggled a lot with the mental part. Everything from maintaining a consistent level, dealing with nervousness and the disappointment after a poor performance. His tools and methods are created so that you can feel a positive difference in the mental training already tomorrow, and in the long run be able to utilize your full potential! 

Your mental training is integrated into what you already do, so you don't have to do boring exercises that take up a lot of your free time. Tommy's simple and practical approach has helped athletes and teams achieve World Cup Gold, European Championship Gold and historic achievements in both individual and team sports.

Who is it for and how does it work?

This is for anyone who wants to build a foundation, learn to perform at a more consistent level, get more out of their potential, take the next step in their sporting career, hit a slump, face a challenge, lose motivation or anything else. Whatever it is, you want to start the right way.

If you are mostly curious about mental training and want to start on a small scale, we recommend starting with Flow Academy or The 5 Min Flow. However, if you also want individual support or are aiming to get as far as possible in your sport, then you can contact us to book an introductory call. We'll start by exploring your goals, what you want out of the mental training and go through the best strategy for you. Tommy personally only works with athletes from 18 years and up in the Flow Mastery and Flow Partnership programs. For young people under 18, however, we have a Flow Mindset Coach who has been trained by Tommy in the Flow Mindset method.

Whatever the path, we work with a holistic approach where we use both your sport and the rest of your life to work on your mental development. We put great focus on building your self-esteem while going through an overall life philosophy that you will learn to be able to perform at the top whether it is an important final or any other area of your life.

Mental training and research

There is compelling research on mental training and its effects. Mental training has been shown to help improve skills such as focus and concentration, motivation and commitment, and self-confidence. Mental training research has also identified a number of psychological skills that are important for human performance and achievement; motivation, visualization, emotional control, mind control, mental preparation and team building. In mental training and for a mental trainer, these areas are cornerstones.

Research has also shown that, in general, Olympic and professional athletes who win medals and get paid the most compared to their peers have better developed psychological skills than less successful athletes. How many of these do you think engage in mental training? Whether it is with the help of a mental coach or not. Furthermore, research in mental training also shows that well-developed psychological skills are associated with higher performance satisfaction and mental well-being. These findings in mental training suggest that psychological skills are important in enabling individuals to push personal boundaries and manage the dark periods of physical fatigue and mental frustration in the pursuit of personal success, both in sport and beyond.

How does mental training work?

Every individual has within them the ability to be mentally strong and to perform consistently, even under the most difficult conditions. Surgeons, astronauts, executives and athletes are just a few examples of people who seek the help of a mental coach to stay in top mental shape. A lot can be done on your own, but a mental coach can help speed up the process and keep the quality of your mental training high.

Mental strength is at least as important as physical strength when training for a sport. Some questions to ask yourself before making the decision to hire a mental coach are the following:

  • Do you have difficulties staying motivated?
  • Are you struggling with your confidence or belief in yourself?
  • Do you find it hard to deal with pressure and stress?
  • Do you have difficulty staying focused or dealing with distractions?
  • Do you wish you could perform better and more consistently?
  • Do you find it difficult to cope when you don't perform?
  • Do you have a strong inner critic holding you back?
  • Can you dwell on bad results for a long time after?

Benefits of hiring a mental health coach

So what are the benefits of hiring a mental coach? Why should you even start mental training? More and more people are realizing the benefits of making mental training a natural part of sports training, often with the help of a mental coach. Sports such as football, tennis, basketball, golf, karate, MMA, etc. have realized how important mental training is for performance. In fact, many teams and athletes even bring their mental coaches to their competitions to help them be as prepared as possible.

The benefits of hiring a mental coach and taking up mental training are many. Below are some examples of things that mental training can help you with:

  • Helps you bring out your undiscovered potential.
  • Helps you focus your thoughts and actions towards your dreams, goals and tasks.
  • You can practice a good balance between body and mind.
  • Helps you become more confident.
  • Can help you improve your self-esteem.
  • Can help you take your performance to the next level.
  • Helping you be your best self when you really need it.
  • Learn to deal with your inner critic who is holding you back.
  • Not only in sport, but in all aspects of your life.

Programs for athletes

Wherever you are now in your sporting career

Flow Academy

Mainly for athletes looking for an easy way to get started with world-class mental training. This can be combined with individual sessions with one of Tommy's Flow Mindset Coaches.

Flow Mastery

The world's first fully comprehensive mindset program for athletes who are pursuing or have already achieved a professional career and want the best support available. This 12-month program is conducted both individually and in groups. Age from 18 years and older.

Flow Partnership

This is a program for those who are professional athletes and want unlimited support and conversations for 12 months working one-on-one with Tommy. This program is completely tailored and exclusive to a handful of athletes per year.

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