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You have already succeeded

Why you should not tell yourself (or anyone else) that they will succeed in the future.

I know you do it. I know it's with good intentions. And I will admit, I also do it from time to time.

You will be successful...

You will be happy...

What is the problem with this? Can you see it?

What if I said it like this instead?

You will be enough... you will be good enough...

Do you see it now?

The problem with saying you will be successful

The problem is not what you actually say. The problem is in what you say without saying it. While you say that you will be successful (or something else), you also say that you are not successful enough right now...

Or not happy enough right now...

Just... not... enough.

You create scarcity

This is an effective way to create needs. Such as you need something and that without it, it's not enough. I need x, I need y... And that is the only way to be successful or happy. The problem with this perspective is that nothing will ever be enough because you will always be focusing on what is missing

Don't think for a second that it will be different for you. 

What to do instead

Look at what you have in your life, no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is. I don't mean "look on the bright side" or some other cliché that you don't believe in anyway. But rather just stating the facts, the things that is

Good... fine... sufficient and so on.

"This" I am happy about... I appreciate "this" right now... "This" is a nice thing that I have in my personality....

You get my point?

Just say it in your head. Then you let it go. 

After that, you do it every day, as often as you can, as much as you can.

Because you need it. We all need it.

You will not lose your drive

I am not saying that you should be satisfied and stop chasing your dreams. What I am saying is that if you try to achieve things to feel successful or happy while doing all this from a place of "not enough" on the inside, you will be a failure forever.

You are not.

How you work on this

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