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Welcome to a platform for personal growth - a place where your development is our top priority. We are committed to providing the resources and support you need to flourish both personally and professionally. 

Welcome to your transformation journey

Life coaching with us is not just a process - it is a transformative journey towards deeper self-understanding and mastery of your own life. We at Tommy Davidovic AB are dedicated to helping you open doors to new opportunities and insights. Our professionally certified coaches specialize in empowering you in your quest for success, whether it's personal development, career advancement or fine-tuning your life strategies.

We offer tailor-made methods, characterized by reflection and proactivity, that lead to lasting changes. With a personalized approach and a clear vision, our commitment is to give you the tools and knowledge needed to create the future you dream of.

Life coaching - your guide to personal success

What is life coaching? Life coaching is a process that helps you unlock your potential and achieve personal and professional goals. A life coach is your guide, offering support and insights to navigate through life's challenges. It involves identifying obstacles, developing self-awareness and creating action plans to achieve your dreams.

Change starts with a conversation

Together we will explore how life coaching can be tailored to your unique journey.

Coaching and philosophy

Coaching is an art and science that can mean many things, but at its core it is a process of guiding individuals towards self-awareness and success. What is it that you long for? Is it passion in your work, a new height in your career, harmony in relationships or increased self-esteem? A personal coach is your partner in this journey, helping you discover and use the answers you already have within you.

At Tommy Davidovic AB, we offer life coaching based on International Coach Federation (ICF) standards, with a wide range of certified coaches and pricing options to meet your unique needs. Our digital approach means that your geographical location is never an obstacle. Take the step towards transformation by booking a free introductory call and see how we can unlock your full potential together.

The breakthrough you've been looking for

Are you ready to exceed your own expectations and master the breakthroughs that previously seemed unattainable? With the help of life coaching, imagine the infinite potential that awaits you when you confront and defeat your inner doubts. Dare to take bigger steps, free yourself from the weight of others' opinions, and define yourself beyond just your achievements, under the guidance of an experienced life coach.

Change starts with a conversation

Together we will explore how life coaching can be tailored to your unique journey.

Discover the path to a richer life with Amie

My name is Amie, and I am here to guide you through your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

As your life coach, my goal is to help you establish a deeper understanding of yourself, to strengthen your self-image and to find clarity in your life choices. Through honesty and commitment, together we create a path forward that feels both authentic and achievable.

I offer a range of coaching services tailored to meet your unique needs - from individual sessions to comprehensive programs, all to support you in your quest for personal growth and life satisfaction.

Personal and professional development with Per

Hi, I'm Per. With my 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and leader, combined with my role as a talk therapist and coaching facilitator, I am passionately committed to helping individuals flourish. In my coaching sessions, which range from executive coaching to personal development, I use a clear and challenging approach to promote growth and change.

With over 3000 hours of experience in individual sessions, my goal is to create a path forward for you that is both insightful and action-oriented. Let's explore your potential together and take steps towards realizing your dreams and goals.

Change starts with a conversation

Together we will explore how life coaching can be tailored to your unique journey.

What exactly is life coaching?

Life coaching goes beyond traditional coaching. While many are familiar with the term, it is important to understand its true meaning and value. In a world where anyone can claim to be a coach, we at Tommy Davidovic AB stand proud with our certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF), a marker of quality and competence in the coaching field.

At its core, coaching is a powerful method for developing individual skills and capabilities, which in turn improves performance. Our coaching focuses on the 'here and now', rather than delving into the past or speculating too far into the future. This means that as coaches we act more as catalysts for learning and discovery, rather than traditional experts.

How life coaching changes your life

Life coaching with us is a dialog, not a monologue. Our coaches work with you to find the answers and solutions that already exist within you. Through personal conversations - either by phone, video calls or face-to-face meetings - we focus on helping you explore and understand your own goals and ambitions. Our philosophy is that people are more likely to engage and pursue the plans they have designed for themselves.

Today, coaching is not just a tool for dealing with problems; it has become an essential resource for those seeking to explore and achieve their personal and professional goals. Let us help you discover your own path and create the future you want.

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Explore the different facets of coaching: coach, life coach, and career coach.

In the world of coaching, there are a variety of specializations, each with its own unique focus and methodology. A 'coach' is a broad term that can include everything from a life coach and career coach to a personal coach and sales coach. While titles may vary, the core of coaching is constant: promoting learning, development and transformation in the individual.

A life coach focuses on personal development, helping individuals navigate through life's challenges and achieve personal goals. On the other hand, a career coach is more focused on professional development, supporting clients in achieving their career goals, and helping with work-related issues.

Benefits of a life coach and life coaching

The benefits of life coaching: Engaging in a relationship with a life coach can bring significant and lasting benefits. A life coach is not just a guide, but a catalyst for change and self-improvement. Through this relationship, you can:

  • Clarifying and Achieving Objectives: Life coaching helps you define and focus on your personal and professional goals, and develop an action plan to achieve them.
  • Increase Your Independence: By strengthening your ability to make decisions and act independently.
  • Deepening Self-awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your values, beliefs and motivations.
  • Improving Personal and Professional Well-being: Through increased life satisfaction and job satisfaction.
  • Strengthening your contribution: Both within your team and your organization, by improving your ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.
  • In-depth Learning and Development: A life coach helps you grow and develop in a way that is personally meaningful to you.

Life coaching for personal growth and development

Life coaching is an ideal solution for those who aspire to improve their life in a meaningful way. By combining strategies for self-improvement and personal growth, a life coach helps you to identify and overcome obstacles, and to achieve your dreams and ambitions. Whether you seek career guidance, want to improve relationships or develop personal strength, a life coach can be the key to unlocking your full potential.

By choosing the right coach for your unique needs and goals, you can start a journey towards a more fulfilled and successful future.

Change starts with a conversation

Book a free 30-minute introductory call to find out what an arrangement could look like for you.

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