The meaning behind the logo

The essence of the logo & design

The logo and the rest of the branding is created by Emmy Avén and collected in Tommy Davidovic AB's brand book. When the logo was to be created, we stood between using a compass or a fire/flame. In the end, it was an easy choice because the fire mostly connects to my identity and the company's core: -. EnergyGrowFlow -Fire has always had a special meaning for me and is also part of my life. life purpose statement.


Energy to create change. To use the power and drive within to act, feel joy, experience, and realize all the possibilities that you long for.


Growth, learning and development are so central to our existence. Personally, at work, in relationships - whatever area we are talking about, it is vital that we feel some kind of development in them. The status quo does not exist. What doesn't grow, withers. We can't control everything that happens in our lives, but we can control whether or not we choose to grow in the process.


Flow is what we all want. As often and as easily as possible. Many people see flow as something that only happens to athletes, but it is so much more than that. Flow is both the state of being deeply focused, present and happy in the moment, as well as an attitude. Society teaches us to live in resistance to anything we consider negative, whereas living in flow is learning to accept and not try to resist the ups and downs of life, but rather to surf on top of them.   

Fire & colour choice

Basically, fire is a metaphor for everything positive that a fire can be. It stands for passion, drive, security, warmth, challenge, inspiration and spontaneity. It can set things in motion, often with great power. But it can also be very calm and provide security.

The choice of color was easy! My favorite color is petrol blue. Variations of petrol blue run throughout the brand. Everything from the decor in my offices, the color scheme on social media and the website. Since metaphors mean different things to different people, we were aware that for some people a fire can be perceived as stressful, anxious or just too much. It was therefore very appropriate to use the same colors in the logo. We wanted to somehow combine the feeling of air and water; constantly changing but at the same time safe.

I am fire, that inspire.

Life Purpose Statement

I am fire that inspire.

This is what came out when I worked on developing my own life mission, something I also do with many of my coaching clients. The explanation is quite simple. As far as I can remember, I have always described a fire when drawing my self-portrait or telling about myself. People around me have also always said that I set them on fire. That I have the ability to inspire others and create the feeling that anything is possible. 

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