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Mental training should be a natural part of all sports clubs' activities. Unfortunately, however, it can be difficult to find the right resources. But it doesn't have to be that way. When you become our partner, you get access to leadership development, resources for coaches and athletes, and a thriving sports community.

Join the journey to explore and maximize the potential of the inner game. By equipping yourself with the tools and knowledge of mental training, you can lead your athletes to not only reach their goals but to exceed what they thought possible.

Be the guide they need, support them to be as strong on the inside as on the outside, and see them flourish no matter what path their life takes them on.

Benefits of becoming a Flow Mindset Partner

Leadership development

By becoming a Flow Mindset Partner, coaches receive ongoing training in the Flow Leadership method, which allows them to become as great at the inner game as the outer one. This gives the coaches more skills to inspire and lift their teams in an effective way. But above all, create both high-performing and healthy athletes.

Mental training for athletes

Athletes benefit from mental training to improve their focus, resilience and performance under pressure. As a Flow Mindset partner, your players get access to exclusive resources that they can use to easily start mental training and feel the effects both in and out of sport.


As a Flow Mindset partner, coaches, athletes and parents alike get exclusive access to our dynamic community platform and app, where you can connect with like-minded people, share insights and tap into a supportive network. This community is complemented by exclusive resources available only through our app, enhancing your club's learning and engagement in the latest mental training practices.

Our Flow Mindset Partners

As a Flow Mindset Partner

Does your organization have access to first-class and free of charge leadership development and mental training tailored to create confident and healthy athletes who can perform at a higher level and have more fun in the process. 

In the first round of the program, we accept a maximum of 20 associations.

Leaders who understand the inner game create more confident athletes and better results.

To make a real difference, mental training cannot be left only to the athletes themselves. As a leader, you have a huge impact on the athlete's performance and well-being, both in the short and long term. Through mentally focused leadership, you don't just create athletes who are strong on the field or in the arena; you create confident individuals who are mentally prepared for all of life's challenges.

Athletes need access to mental training

Investing in mental training is as important as investing in physical training. A well-rounded and holistic preparation that includes mental strength positions athletes to reach their full potential, handle adversity with grace, and successfully navigate the demanding world of sport. This is why every athlete, regardless of level, can benefit from having access to mental training.

Platform for community and digital support

Access a supportive community and a wealth of resources via the Flow Academy app for smartphone and tablet (iOS/android). This platform is designed to support you on your mental training journey; ask questions, access exclusive resources and connect with other athletes for mutual development and support.

Parents who know how to support their young people promote their development

In the Flow Leadership Partner Program, we recognize that the role of parents is critical in shaping the success of young athletes both on and off the field. When parents are well equipped with knowledge and tools, they can effectively support their children's development not only as athletes, but also as individuals.

Ready to take your association to the next level?

To ensure the highest possible quality and attention to everyone who joins Flow Leadership Partner, we limit the number of places. They fill up fast, so secure your place in the queue and be among the first to know when we open up for new associations to join. This is a unique opportunity to bring mental health training and leadership development to all levels of your organization, while becoming part of a larger community of experience, learning and support - resulting in an organization that stands out from the crowd.

In the first round of the program, we accept a maximum of 20 associations.

Flow Leadership Partner

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Frequently asked questions

The Flow Mindset helps athletes and leaders develop a deeper understanding and strengthen themselves and their mental processes, improving focus, mental stamina and performance. It also strengthens cooperation and communication within teams.

This program distinguishes itself through its holistic approach and in-depth mindset-focused work, compared to traditional methods that are often more fragmented. Everything is backed up by the latest research combined with 20 years of experience in behavioral change, resulting in a complete method that works in practice. Tommy's method has been proven time and again to have a major positive impact on individuals both in and out of sport.

In our basic free plan, this means a structured process where the association gets access to our sports community and app, mental training resources, and lectures/workshops tailored to your leaders and athletes.

Your leaders will have access to ongoing training, tools and support to implement and maintain leadership that takes into account the mental side of sport.

Your athletes will have access to ongoing mental training lectures and some in-app resources to help them get started with mental training.

The community app contains all the resources, exercises, social groups and forums that you have access to in the partnership.

Success is measured through improved performance, increased well-being of athletes and leaders, as well as through specific measurements linked to goal achievement and feedback from participants.

Yes, all the resources you get access to and all the training/lecture sessions are relevant regardless of sport/age. But with that said, we would say that it is best suited for ages 15 and up. For athletes who are younger, it may be beneficial to have a parent present to provide support. 

We also want to point out the importance of not starting too seriously with either training or mental training with too young. Children should be allowed to be children and it is important that play does not become "serious" at too early an age.

The aim is to create a sustainable partnership that does not overload the organization. Most of the time it is up to the individual and the choice to take advantage of all that is on offer. As an association, you will need to spend a few hours initially to set up a page on your website about the partnership and also communicate to your leaders and members a few times a year in your various communication channels.

In our basic partnership, participation is free of charge. We believe that mental training should not be something that only some people have access to, so we have chosen to make the threshold as low as possible so that everyone who wants to can participate.

For those associations that want to make a bigger investment, there will be different cost options where the investment is justified by the long-term benefits such as improved performance, athletes staying active longer and stronger team spirit.

Leaders and coaches receive thorough training in the principles and practices of Flow Leadership, as well as tools to effectively transfer this knowledge to their athletes, including coaching and mentoring. Flow Leadership is about how to apply The Flow Mindset as a leader.


Leaders and athletes will have ongoing access to the resources and functions available on the platform within the framework of Flow Mindset Partner. In addition, two digital lectures/workshops per year are included in the free program. For associations that want more support, there will be arrangements that can be selected at an additional cost. For the individual, everything from smaller arrangements to complete programs is also offered at an extra cost, for those who want to take the next step.

Individual progress can be measured through regular self-assessments, statistics, and feedback. Some are provided by us to help athletes set and monitor personal goals related to their mental development.

As a Flow Mindset Partner

Does your organization have access to first-class and free of charge leadership development and mental training tailored to create confident and healthy athletes who can perform at a higher level and have more fun in the process. 

In the first round of the program, we accept a maximum of 20 associations.

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